Thursday, 2 January 2014

Psalm 54 - The Righteous One's help found in the Lord's name.

The title is such as we have already met with, "On Neginoth" and "Maschil;" and the occasion when it was first written is mentioned as the time when the men of Ziph informed against David.

The burden of this Psalm is simply - to what quarter should one look for help in times of trouble?

Wholly to the Lord. "Save me by your name" (v1), reminds us of John 17:11. We are kept by the putting forth of God's perfections on our behalf, truth, mercy, love, power, wisdom, holiness.

Our Lord was so kept by the Father, when he prayed in the words of verse 1, using them as his own, and giving his Church an instance in himself of that safe keeping.

The Selah pause of thoughtfulness in verse 3 is beautifully followed by "Behold" of verse 4. It is a silent prayer followed by confidence of an answer.

It is in verse 6 and 7 that the future dawns on our view. David, David's Son, and all who follow David's Son, may exult in the prospect of that sacrifice of thankfulness to be offered.

When delivered out of all distress, we shall look with triumph on our enemies; for as Calvin remarks (quoted by Hengstenberg), "Only let the eye be pure, and we can piously and holily refresh ourselves with the manifestations of God's justice."

That will be the time of the hallelujah in Rev 19:1-4, all resulting from his name glorified, his name manifested as "good" (v6.)

We have therefore in this short Psalm - The Righteous One's help found in the Lord's name.

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